I found writing in my journal really helped my mental health and kept anxiety at bay. It has helped me to get rid of some of the emotional attachments I had to past experiences and/or current events.

If there are events that happen which cause my anxiety to rise I find that writing out what happened, my part in what happened and how I would do things differently really helps to bring perspective into a situation. This is especially true when I find myself triggered by what someone said or did.

When I am anxious I eat. Mainly junk. That’s something I have known for many years thanks to my journal. There are clear patterns that emerge which have helped me to identify triggers and deal with them before they become a real issue.

I like to make sure I use my journal for fun as well. Writing in a journal is a wonderful form of self expression that has helped me enjoy the creative fun side of myself. I draw too and cut out images and stick them into my journal.

Keeping things bottled up just makes it harder to deal with – we all know that – and yet I am not really someone who would think about speaking with a therapist. So I use my journal and I get everything out that I need to so that I can stay positive and more focused on the present moment. I really recommend it.

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