It took me years of small consistent efforts to lose 9 stones (126 lbs) in weight. Now, my focus is on getting fitter and that too will take consistent effort.

It is so easy to go crazy at the beginning of the year and join a gym that I spend hours in, but I know that weeks later I will have all but given up on the whole idea of fitness. Instead, I started walking on a regular basis back in November. Aiming for 5-6000 steps a day at least twice a week. Now that I have managed to keep that up I am adding a couple of hours of weight training to help me build strength. I will use these small consistent efforts to help me get stronger and leaner in 2022.

Sometimes we want things to happen in a hurry but I have found that slow and steady wins the race. It is the small goals that I set that collectively help me achieve a larger goal.

If you have a large goal you are aiming for this year try breaking it down into smaller steps and as you achieve those steps it will bring you a sense of satisfaction along the way. It will really help you to enjoy the journey and not just keep focusing on the end goal.

The self-affirmation for today is

“I take small, but consistent efforts until I achieve my goal”

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