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When I became a life coach way back in 2006 joining networking groups was really difficult. Most people in the UK, at that time, saw personal growth and development as soft skills. They were for the weak and not the ‘stiff upper lip’ Brits.

We are known for being emotionally dry and prone to ignore our feelings. We like to make sure we know our place and not get above our station by trying to show others how wonderful things like affirmations can be to make life better.

The can do, make things happen, get out there and do it American view had no place in our world of closed-off cynics who ask practical questions and uses a very dry sense of humour to take the piss.

I personally prefer our ‘let’s just get the job done’ attitude to life. I have injected more than a little touch-feely, see it and it will come to you, open to the universe, hold a cyrstal and use reiki energy American style personal growth to know its not for me. I ended up broke and unhappy.

I spent THOUSANDS on personal growth (books, seminars, audios, events) and while I credit it for transforming my life I also feel that a lot of it left me wishing and hoping for stuff in the future that I didn’t really want and was never going to happen.

Since 2006 the conversation has changed. Its ok for men to cry. Mental health and stress management are important areas to focus on and self improvement is acceptable – to a degree. It is not weak – in fact even weakness is a strength.

Now I know if I want something I have to go out there and work for it, not sit and see it then hope it turns up.

Now I am a proud British realist. I still believe in the power of personal growth to support our mental health.

The one thing that has always helped me on my journey towards a stronger, better me has been self affirmations. Their power to help me ‘fake it till I make it’ has seen me change the path I was on to such a large degree even I don’t recognise.

So, my fellow Brits (and anyone else who finds them useful – especially if you were part of the British Empire and think that us Brits anyway!!) I hope these self affirmations go some way towards supporting you in your life. Please share them with people you know.

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