How often do you spend time in nature? Research has shown that a connectedness to nature can benefit our mood and mental health.

Thanks to technology, streaming, gaming and other online activities it is very easy to spend less time in the natural world.

Even a short, daily 20 minute stroll has been shown to provide a huge number of benefits to the human body and mind. It can calm our busy brains.

There’s a great article worth reading here:

Allowing yourself to be nurtured by nature can improve your mood and lower stress. Having your hands in the earth through activities like gardening is also beneficial.

If you find yourself wanting to spend more time outdoors here’s an affirmation that can really help.

I am nurtured by nature’s magic

nature affirmation

Write it up on paper or on post-it-notes and stick it around your home. Put a notification alarm in your phone so it shows up to remind you (especially around lunchtime). Make an active effort to go for walks no matter how short. Give nature a chance to use its nurturing magic to support your well-being.

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