I am open to new life experiences is today’s self affirmation. Have you opened your life to enjoying new experiences in 2022? Is travel part of your plans? Would you like to learn to dance or take pottery lessons?

You can still enjoy your routine. This is not about replacing what you are doing. Being open to new life experiences is more about switching things up a little.

You will probably have to face your fears of doing something new, maybe meeting new people or pushing through whatever challenge arises for you but it will all work towards strengthening your character.

Work on putting your doubts aside and see these new experiences as exciting rather than intimidating.

I hope today’s affirmation will help you work towards doing just that so you can enjoy something new.

“I am open to new life experiences

It is worth taking time to weave the tapestry of life with diverse threads that make you happy and ultimately design a picture you can remember for years.

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