Writing in a journal is a way to keep a written record of your thoughts and feelings. It differs from a diary entry where you talk about what happened during your day. Journaling can help you create a connection with yourself by figuring out what makes you happy, sad or mad.

It has helped people manage their stress and anxiety, identify negative triggers, patterns and behaviours. It can provide clarity about people and situations, it may even help you gain new perspectives.

The simplest way to journal daily is to think about what happened during your day and how you feel about it. If you get stuck below are a few journal prompts for you.

Journal Prompts

  • Write a journal entry about your first week (month, year, etc) of journaling. How do you feel about journaling? Are you managing to journal daily? How has it helped/not helped. What do you hope to achieve by having a journal?
  • Write the first thing that comes to mind with a 5-year plan.
  • What is a challenge currently holding you back in life? Why do you think this challenge exists? Can it be seen in a positive/helpful way? Is there an affirmation you can use to support you in working through this challenge?
  • Are you happy in your life right now? If you are what makes you happy? If you aren’t what change needs to be made? What simple activity can you do today that will make you happy?
  • What do you feel would bring you peace?
  • Write in detail about a memory you really want to hold onto. What happened? How do you feel about what happened? What emotions does this memory evoke for you?
  • Describe your ideal self-care routine. How can you make this happen? What commitment must you make to ensure it happens?
  • What is one goal you can achieve this month? Write about it. What outcome do you want to achieve? Who can help you with your goal? What needs to be done to make sure it happens? What obstacles may get in your way? How will you feel when you complete it?

I hope those journaling prompts help you in your daily efforts to journal on a daily basis.

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