As we work towards the end of 2021 and look forward to a new year and the promise of new beginnings, I thought today’s affirmation should focus on inner purpose and fulfilment. Here is today’s affirmation:

My inner purpose guides me on a path towards fulfilment

Definition of inner purpose: our primary purpose in life.

Definition of fulfilment: the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted.

When you live your inner purpose it becomes easier to be guided towards achieving something desired or promised to yourself. The key for many people is knowing/finding their inner purpose. For me, it has always been about finding true meaning in my life. It isn’t about the job I do or the money I earn. It has been understanding what brings me true happiness – even if its sitting at a cafe people watching.

It can be easy to put a lot of work and effort into finding your inner purpose and sometimes these things can be simple, if you want it to be. Do you get true joy from singing, dancing, cleaning the environment, going to the theatre? What would you do simply because you absolutely love it?

Start there.

No matter how small it may be. As you click into something that stirs your inner purpose you may organically discover other things that bring you joy. Here’s an example:

“Lydia wanted to discover her inner purpose but really had no idea where to start. Something that made her happy was spending time with her dog Juno so she started there. Feeling a sense of comfort Lydia decided that volunteering at an animal shelter is something that would also bring her joy so twice a week she dedicated a few hours of her time. The sense of peace, fulfilment and happiness her time in the shelter gave her made Lydia decide that she really wanted to start her own shelter. Feeling her inner purpose rising Lydia spent time fundraising and working towards helping animals in need.”

What started off as an activity that made her happy (time with her own pet) resulted in an organic journey towards finding happiness. Lydia didn’t have to attend any courses or read any books, by simply doing something simple that bought her joy it became the driving force to help her achieve something desired, promised (to herself) or even predicted.

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