I think affirmations are one of the best and sometimes one of the most misunderstood techniques available to us. I used the power of affirmations to transform my life. I believe in them 150% and will use them even now – over 20 years later – to uplift and motivate myself.

You can empower yourself by simply learning how to change your thoughts and the words you use with self affirmations.

An affirmation is a positive statement written and spoken in the present tense that declares your intention to be, do or have something that you want to experience in your life.

To use them effectively an affirmation must not only be spoken but you must be able to FEEL a positive emotion as you speak them.

Everyone uses affirmations, but they are not always in the positive. Examples of negative affirmations we often use include:

“I am so stupid”

“I can’t do that”

“There is no point in trying”

“Bad things always happen to me”

“I am so clumsy”

“I am not strong enough”

“I always make mistakes”

“I can never be happy”

“I just can’t cope with it all”

These are some of the things I would say and they had a negative impact on how I was feeling and the actions I took on a daily basis. Negative statements like the ones above only serve to keep me unhappy, limited in my choices and creating a cycle of experiencing the very thing I believe.

Once I learnt how to write, speak and FEEL affirmations correctly it really helped me to think and act differently, and as a result my experiences in life changed.

I begin to experience changes in my life that helped me feel better about myself and the more I felt better about myself the easier I was able to affirm that life is ok and the more I affirm that whatever happens in life I can deal with it the better I felt about myself.

Now, that does not mean that negative things will never happen to me, because they do, but with the tools to affirm a different mindset I was able to deal with the situation in a different way. It affected me less and had less of a negative impact.

Learning to end the cycle of negative thoughts and their connection to low moods or a less than great mindset is something I highly recommend. Being able to lift your own spirits is a wonderful gift. Positive self affirmations really helps with that.

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