Below are a few examples of self affirmations. Being able to write your own affirmations is a wonderful skill to have and these are all self affirmations that I have written and used in the past:

“I am going to be who I chose to be”

“I love and accept myself for who I am”

“I am healthy in my body and spirit

“I become stronger in rebuilding my self-confidence every day in every way”

“I welcome positive energy and I use that feeling to accomplish more” “I, Sarah, have great hair!”

“I use my energy to live my life to the fullest”

“I positively engage my thoughts and feelings to experience self-confidence”

“No matter what I’m working on, I’m always committed to completing my goal”

“I trust my thought processes. They are clear and I am very capable”

“I can find my own intrinsic motivator”

“No matter the challenge, I will see it through”

“I enjoy being responsible for my actions”

“My life is full of purpose and passion”

“I embrace change and work towards rebuilding a more confident me”

“I use the small successes I achieve as I rebuild my self-confidence to motivate me to continue working towards full self expression”

“I enjoy my life as my health continues to grow stronger and stronger” “My family loves me dearly and I love them back”

“I am loved”

“My positive thoughts take control of my life”

“I am a confident woman”

“I allow myself to experience happiness”

“I, [name], choose to believe that I am great!”

“I choose to experience happiness in everything I do”

“You are extremely beautiful”

“I am an intelligent human being who easily remembers facts and figures”

“ I choose to live my life the way I want to by being happy”

“I acknowledge that only I can make myself truly happy”

“I approve of myself”

“I forgive myself for ever thinking I did anything wrong”

“I accept that I am responsible for my actions”

“My life is full of loving and supportive friends”

“I choose to believe I can handle my mistakes and grow stronger”

Looking at that list some of these affirmations will jump out at you and others won’t. Use the ones that jump out at you and trust there is a reason they have come to your attention. Ultimately though, write your own, it is a far more powerful way to use affirmations and you will find it far more satisfying to know you changed your life thanks to an affirmation you wrote yourself.

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