Goal setting can be a real hit and miss affair. Sometimes you may find yourself getting things done and sometimes you may find yourself caught in the grips of procrastination. Something that is universally taught, when it comes to setting and achieving goals, is to write them down. Its difficult to get anything done if you haven’t written down what it is you want to achieve.

Working towards a deadline can make it easier to achieve and unless you set an actual date (which can be flexible) you may find the outcome you want to achieve drags on for months or even years.

Have you ever talked about achieving something only to find years later you are still talking about wanting to get it done? That usually happens when you haven’t written it down with a clear end date. You may talk about decorating your house within three years, but if you never set the start and end date you may still find yourself talking about achieving that three year goal five years later. It happens…. I know….!!!

Once I told myself “It is 1999 and by 2002 I will have completely redecorated my house and converted my garage into an office” it became easier to work towards and I achieved that goal (and am sitting in my office now!)

So, to support you, I have created these five easy to use goal setting tips which helped me stay focused on goal setting and achievement.

1. Break Your Big Goals Down Into Smaller Pieces

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Trying to eat a whole elephant or trying to look at and achieve your whole goal in one go will become overwhelming so break it down into smaller targets and celebrate each time you achieve one. Each small step brings you closer towards your bigger goal. See the affirmation “I take small but consistent efforts until I achieve my goal” – https://selfaffirmations.co.uk/small-consistent-efforts/ 

2. Write your goals down and read it every day

It’s important that you not only write down what your goal is, when you will achieve it and who will help you achieve it, but it is also important that you read it every day.

Not only does that help to keep you motivated but it also reminds you about what you intend to achieve and you will find yourself getting more done because of it.

Bob Proctor said that he went from earning $4,000 to making a huge $175,000 in a year thanks to the book “Think & Grow Rich” which told him to write his goal down on a card, carry it round with him and read it every day especially in the morning and at night.

3. Get an accountability partner or keep yourself accountable

The best way to keep yourself accountable to achieving a goal is to tell others about it. Publicly declare your goals to those around you, but watch out for the people who will try and keep you down. 

Be strong in your resolve to succeed no matter what others say.

An accountability partner can also help. You can remind each other of your intended outcome and what you will get done. You can also arrange a time to get together and tell each other what you have achieved that day/week and motivate each other to stay on track.

4. Be ready for change and flexible enough to let it happen

Once you have set your goal(s) it does not mean that they are set in stone and cannot be changed. If you allow yourself to be flexible and change your direction (even slightly) you may find your results are far better than you had imagined. Circumstances change, things go wrong, people leave and shift happens so be willing to bend a little.

5. Do whatever it takes to stay motivated

How many times have you set goals and not achieved them? It happens and it’s important that you come up with ways to keep you motivated.

Remember what I have suggested above like reading them every day, celebrating each smaller goal achieved and getting yourself an accountability partner. Come up with your own ways to stay motivated too.

One of the ways I keep myself motivated is to constantly listen to self help material, especially when things are not going the way I planned, because I find it inspires me to move forward.

So there you have it,  five simple yet effective ways to achieve your goals that I recommend along with a few examples of self-affirmations you can use to keep you on track.

If you are just starting out or if you have never been successful with goal setting I promise you that by simply following the five steps you can achieve your goals and make things happen.

By breaking down your goals, writing them down and reading them every day. Keeping yourself accountable, repeating affirmations, being willing to change and finding ways to stay motivated you will achieve them.

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